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Day Wise Schedule

Day 1
<p>Srinagar to Aru Base Camp&nbsp;</p>

<p>Our first-day goal is Aru on the banks of Lidder and Aru Streams, arranged 12 km off Pahalgam. A genuinely evolved visitor stop, Aru is respected the primary base for two all-around cherished treks&mdash;the Tarsar Marsar and Kolahoi Icy mass Trek, the goal of the last being the beginning of the Lidder-Aru streams.&nbsp;</p>

<p>We will meet you at Srinagar and make a 3-4 hours short drive to Aru by means of Pahalgam. Since consistent telephonic system by all system suppliers can&#39;t be affirmed at Aru, you have to wrap up your correspondence with the remainder of the world at Pahalgam itself.&nbsp;</p>

<p>At Aru, you will be invited at a waterway side outdoors zone, off the touristy center, by the sweet streaming Lidder. There are bunches of exercises around town at Aru&mdash;from trout angling in the Lidder, the Aru Biosphere Save to horseback riding, and heliskiing in the winters. You can investigate and stamp these for a later visit since we will venture very late into the nightfall around 6 pm.
Day 2
Aru to Lidderwat&nbsp;</p>

<p>Today we will be following the Lidder Stream upstream. After a 9-10 km stroll up delicate inclines, the path enters a brush of conifers. Uncovering a broad perspective on the Aru valley left down beneath. We keep wandering through the woods shade and afterward come into a clearing loaded up with Gujjar cottages. This is the Nandekai town possessed via regular, relocating shepherd individuals, and agrarian, scrounging Gujjar people group. Here is a cut of idyll, picture great and a far call from life as we probably are aware it. We won&#39;t be going through the core of the town yet rather get an extremely valuable profound perspective on the pleasant setting as we move through. A short while after, we have now entered a tumbling knoll meadow, and the fir tree shrubberies have totally ebbed away. This is still a piece of the Gujjar town environment and you are going to discover horse - riding people and dairy cattle nibblers.&nbsp;</p>

<p>The path cuts over several little valley streams next as we go. We before long run over a rough log connect throughout the subsequent stream. This is the spot to top off our water supplies and take some rest, might have the lunch conveyed from the last camp. The Lidderwat area is as yet an hour&#39;s excursion from here.&nbsp;</p>

<p>The path here bends into another lush region of exquisite firs before coming out into the glades of Lidderwat where the stream streams clear watered. We can discover curious little Gujjar settlements that mark the valley area. On account of traveler inflow as of late, there are additionally Pahalgam Region Authority Cottages and nourishment places set up for agreeable remains.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Our camp would be at a peaceful spot near the stream. There ought to be sufficient time before nightfall to stroll around the serene fir tree shadowed Gujjar settlement and afterward spread out in the withering light on delicate grass by the streamside to absorb the peaceful.
Day 3
Lidderwat to Shekwas&nbsp;</p>

<p>A trek, approx 5-hour long beginnings today, twisting legitimately up from behind the PDA homes. In a matter of 30 minutes, you will wind up inside a woods of pines, the Lidder Waterway is currently a far off shadow, and the knolls have ebbed away. The forested areas are not thick and once in a while open up to wide clearings.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Before long, you will locate the stretch of Lidderwat penetrating to the opening of an increasingly huge region of blending valleys and blanketed rises rising directly from the edge of the valleys. There will be numerous reasonable water streams cutting over our way where you can stop to top off drinking supplies.&nbsp;</p>

<p>You will be coordinated towards Homwas, which is a bit of freeing possessed by another group from Gujjar cottages that falls on the opposite side of the now reappeared stream along our tracks. Subsequent to the intersection of a log connect, we are guided into the territory of a couple of homes and coffeehouses. You will never neglect to discover warm neighborliness with these locals and regardless of the depletion of movements, this fills one&#39;s heart with joy.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Connected at the hip with the precious stone waters streaming by our tracks, we presently enter an alternate lush scene. As green as green can be, extending in delicate folds to as long as the eyes can see, the knolls of Shekwas are amazing. Gujjar home and accommodation are universal around there as well and their little low roofed, leaf-covered cottages dab the lavish scene to a great extent. Our path climbs pass the hovels onto a marginally higher outdoor ground. A sweet night, a star peppered sunsets over the glades.
Day 4
&nbsp; Shekwas to Tarsar and Investigate Tarsar&nbsp;</p>

<p>The green fields of Shekwas are best experienced uncovered feet. Attempt this as you set out for Tarsar Lake today. The path travels through a smooth yard of nature for at some point before at last taking a rush over a humpbacked slope and in the wake of intersection through a couple of edges, opens to a little look of Tarrsar&#39;s attractive blue waters.&nbsp;</p>

<p>It takes an aggregate of 5 hours to reach Tarsar from Shekwas and after the edge, it&#39;s an additional 3 hours, the perspective on the Lake augmenting as we go down succeeding littler edges. You have to cross the stream, bouncing from rock to stone daringly before at long last skimming into green veldt around the lake where we would camp the night. Sink your feet deep into the delicate grass and watch how the almond formed waters mirror the passing tones of the sky as the day moves on. The opportunity appears to arrive at a halt middle of such magnificence and quiet.
Day 5
Tarsar to Sundarsar&nbsp;</p>

<p>Another 5 km trek begins today to the abutting Sundersar Valley through the Tarsar Pass. We dig into an interfacing stretch first which clearly joins the knolls of Shekwas and Sundersar Valley. Trekking through the Tarsar Relax sparing however similarly more riotous arrangement than sliding to Shekwas first and going to Sundarsar from that point.&nbsp;</p>

<p>You can really test your endurance on this present day&#39;s trek after such a significant number of long stretches of strolling on delicate undulations. On the rising to the Pass, the path gets more extreme however then progresses down to a gentler slant to Sundarsar. The feature of this stretch accompanies a perspective on Tarsar Lake from the opposite side of the Pass.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Next, we go down to a valley bed to be welcomed by a traveling shepherd group settlement, that of the Bakkerwals. Continuing, we follow a creek that gets gathered at the feet of snow-dissolving heights as a lovely lake. The whole way is enclosed by a green overlap of luminescent delicate quality. You will locate a ridiculous photograph outline catching sheep and ponies swaying along the green-scape as they brush apathetically along the banks of this mysterious loch. Our path takes us through a high pass exit from this field to the following vale, another huge fix of broad pampas however this one showered brilliant with wildflowers. Afterward, a bouldered path over the stream ushers us into the Sundarsar Lakeside, a flatland where we can camp toward the finish of this exceptional day.
Day 6
Visit Marsar and afterward to Homwas&nbsp;</p>

<p>Today, we will climb higher up through Marsar Edge. Kilting our way around Sundarsar shores, we will be coordinated to a rock stricken way. You can expect dangerous snow fixed in these stone precipices, much the same as the halfway white secured mountains toward the finish of the valley which we saw through our trek over the most recent couple of days. In the early afternoon, the snow will dissolve and it will be a precarious walk.&nbsp;</p>

<p>In the wake of covering an incomplete grass secured, mostly snow sheeted rock trail over on the Pass, we marginally plummet to a flatland that is sliced through by incidental water streams. The highest point of the edge see uncovers the translucent blue Marsar Lake lying someplace down underneath. It has a similar sort of almond molded framework as Tarsar and nearly as large. Snow concealed rises happen to rise just along one edge of the Lake, balancing its blueness. The Lake happens to flood on one side and go down in a broad chilly stream down to a valley underneath. The snowmelts from the white bluffs feed its waters on one side and on another, the Dachigam backwoods begins.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Presently we plunge back to Sundarsar camps and afterward to Homwas, trialing nearly along a similar way that we dropped by. The drop is brimming with sentimentality. Homwas is reached before near fall, somewhat depleted.
Day 7
Homwas to Aru and head to Srinagar&nbsp;</p>

<p>Beginning early morning today, we drop from Homwas to Aru, clearing over the equivalent captivating glade lands we had encountered on the primary days, and the equivalent Lidder Waterway, presently to be followed downstream.&nbsp;</p>

<p>We will stop at Lidderwat to rest and lunch and afterward set off once more, presently Aru-wards, 10 km from Lidderwat to be secured more than 4 hours approx.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Srinagar-bound vehicles will be sitting tight for us at Aru. We can hope to arrive at the station inside 8 in the night.<br />
Destination Covered:

Tarsar Marsar

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