5 Best Off - Beat Places in Darjeeling that are a must Go!

5 Best Off - Beat Places in Darjeeling that are a must Go!

Darjeeling doesn't cease to surprise you with its breath-taking view and impressive landscape vistas. It is a place with some scintillating treasures. Spread over 3000 sq. The district of Darjeeling has a few amazing places which you can access by traveling short distances. These places are hidden gems that you may not find in any Darjeeling tour guide. We have listed the offbeat places of Darjeeling that you will really love to explore:

  • The mystic Sandakphu
  • Dreaded beauty of Phalut
  • Nature and wildlife at Kolakham
  • Peaceful getaway Lepchajagat
  • The land of white orchids: Kurseong

1. Trekking the mystic Sandakphu:

"Every mountain top is within reach if you keep climbing" Barry Finlay.

Sandakphu is a paradise for trekkers as it is the highest peak in the state of West Bengal being at a height of 33636 meters above sea level. It gets its name from the poisonous iconic plant which is found in plenty in this area. You can enjoy trekking here or can also hire old Land Rovers to go uphill. Trekking here will give you an unparalleled panoramic view of the mountains, pine trees and blooming flowers in the valley. The peak at Sabdakphu gives the best view of Mr. Kanchenjunga.

2. Experience the Dreaded Beauty at Phalut:

Phalut is located at the Indo Nepal border at 80 km from Darjeeling. The world Phalut is taken from Lepcha word which means "barren peak". Due to its high altitude the region is extremely windy. Mother Nature has blessed Phalut with exquisite beauty which will capture your heart. Whether you are trekking or riding, the journey is filled with the thrill as it passes through the dense forest which can amaze you with rhododendrons, oaks, chestnut trees, magnolias, and silver firs.

3. Capture the Beauty of Nature and Wildlife at Kolakham:

 Kolakham is a heaven of sorts for bird lovers and adventure seekers. It is located at an altitude of 1868m in the Kalimpong hills which are surrounded by lush green valleys. You can be prepared to encounter wildlife while walking through the jungle trails. It is a must-visit in places to visit near Darjeeling. if you are looking to travel away from the city chaos. It has an enchanting view and vibrant wildlife.

4. Love Nature and Tranquillity! Head Lepchajagat:

 Lepchajagat is a small tranquil village 15 km away from the district of Darjeeling which is an apt peaceful serene getaway where you can constantly hear birds chirping. A few kilometers walk from here you would find spectacular forests with pine, oak, maple and chestnut trees. If you are on Darjeeling honeymoon package, then a stay at the village will give you a cozy atmosphere away from the city which you can enjoy while walking away and spotting beautiful white orchid and rhododendrons. From here you can visit a Nepalese town called Pashupati which is open for a visit to Indian travelers and you may visit the local Nepalese market.

5. The Land of White Orchids! - Kurseong:

 Kurseong is a breath-taking small hill which provides a brilliant view and has a pleasant climate throughout the year. It is located 32 km away from Darjeeling. Experience a walk amongst the clouds as the fogs are always present in the hill. Kurseong is also known as the "land of white orchids" as the place is blessed with abundant flowers. Kurseong is surrounded by various tea gardens. You will love it for its waterfalls, temples and Buddhist Gompas. You can't help falling in love with the beauty and serenity of this place.

Darjeeling is well known for its scenic natural beauty, which can be experienced at its best at the Off-beaten places and so, for all the adventures and nature lovers out there, we have compiled a list of best of “Off-Beaten places” near and around Darjeeling. Darjeeling Tour Package by PML Holidays covers all the amazing Off-Beaten places in Darjeeling. As a travel company, we make sure to give you the best Cultural, Historical and Adventurous Darjeeling Experience.

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