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Planning a cruise vacation? PML Holidays can make it happen for you! We provide the cruises you want at the value you expect.

  • Cruise 101

    Are you wondering what it is like to be on a cruise? Well, there is no better time to find out! PML Holidays deals in and serves all kinds of cruises. If it is your dream to cruise the Mediterranean or the Caribbean. We will make it happen for you.

    Whether you are longing for a party jaunt cruise or a family-friendly vibe, you can rest assured that we’ll serve you with the getaway you require.

  • Packing for a cruise

    While on a cruise, you’ll spend much of your time enjoying amenities provided on the ship. Few things that you need to carry can pretty much sum up in “clothes and shoes”. Consider what you want to wear on ship and land, it can be a good idea to pack according to the weather forecasts and few layers for times when temperatures drop.

    Don’t forget your shades, you’ll need them while gazing the deep blue skies and seas.

  • Award Ceremonies

    Celebrate your success and achievement with a great Award Dinner. An event of such importance requires expertise of professionals to ensure successful execution of the event. But you have no reason to worry, with our team of experts have all the right skills and with them working around the clock for you, you can rest assured to have a flawless Award Dinner.

  • Is a Cruise Expensive?

    No, a cruise is not always supposed to be expensive. But PML Holidays has a lot of pocket friendly options that have everything you need for your perfect cruise trip.

  • What to do on a Cruise?

    Well, Cruise is a city on water! It has everything from Fine dining, pool, spas, massage centres, movie theatres, live shows, gym, dedicated sports area and much more! So you will never get bored on ship.

    Overwhelmed? Don’t worry, with PML Holidays you can book cruises and even take a look at everything the cruise has to offer.

  • How to book a Cruise?

    When you’re ready with your cruise pick, don’t waste your time searching for operators online, because you got it all covered at PML Holidays. Here you can find and book the cruise you need at the best prices! If you are wondering about sealing the last minute offers, don’t worry we got your covered. The perfect reason why PML Holidays is your best travel bet.

    With us, all you need to do is to share the dates you want to set the sails!