Offbeat Places to Visit in Almaty

Offbeat Places to Visit in Almaty

Almaty is full of beautiful and happening places to explore, starting from splendid museums to having a hot coffee at the cozy cafes, there are adequately a lot of places to visit and fun activities that one can enjoy with your loved ones. Even if you plan to go solo, believe us, the city and its locals will welcome you with utmost warmth and surprise with the perfect experience.

Here is a handy list of the unique and uncommon offbeat places to visit in Almaty for a holiday experience like never before. Take these notes for an impeccable and hassle-free experience!

1. The Last Wild Apple Forests

It might seem strange to consider that the common apple was not initially a universal fruit, but in fact, it has its roots in one specific area of the world. The predecessor of the domestic apple is the Malus sieversii that grows wild in the Tian Shan mountains of Kazakhstan.

Do you know how the Almaty’s former name, Alma-Ata, means? It means “Father of Apples,” and this town touts its heritage proudly. So, if you too which to see one of the unique and commonplace of Almaty, do visit this place. Visiting Almaty and not going to visit the apple-shaped fountain in the center of the town is not giving justice to your Almaty trip. If you land up visiting this fountain, don’t miss to purchase the domestic apples that the vendors sell as they are unique and different from the ones you will find anywhere in the world.

2. Beatles Statue of Almaty

If you want to explore one of the best places in Almaty, you must visit Beatles that have statues in bronze items which one discovers essential and well-worth saving, isn’t it a rare practice. Attics and closets across the world are filled with bronze baby shoes, bronze handprints, and, less commonly, the occasional bronze tail. 

This glittery piece of modern culture on the side of the well-traveled tourist locale of Kok Tobe Mountain in Almaty isn’t the real Beatles curved in Bronze, they are whimsical sculpture.

This cartoonish representation that is very loveable to kids all over the world was created in 2007 by artist Eduard Kazaryan. As a tribute to the popularity and for the community as a piece of artistic flair that goes well with the wonderful and exciting attractions in Kazakhstan’s largest city.

If you are drafting to visit this place in Almaty so it is near the Almaty tower on the popular mountain that seems to start to be a rallying point for artist and tourists alike due to the attractive scenic vistas and popular things to do in Almaty like mountain offers visitors to the area.

3. Medeu

Do you love ice-skating? Do you know the highest ice-skating rink in the world? Well, it’s none other than Medeu!

Settled in the wooded mountain valley just on the outskirts of Almaty, Kazakhstan, Medeu is an outdoor skating rink that is not only popular for the breathtakingly beautiful location but also for its specialty as the highest Olympic-sized skating rink in the world. Visitors who are neither Olympians nor the professional bandy players can nevertheless enjoy a recreational skate on Medeu’s stored ice, or take a panoramic climb to the top of the dam south of Medeu, which promotes the valley from mudflows.

So, if you are a skating freak, try out this place in the sources for the public.

4. Climb Kok-Tobe Hill

In case, heights and bird’s eye view of the city is what tickles your fancy then the Kok-Tobe Hill is where you want to be. Have you ever watched movies adventures where a cable car takes you in the mountains towards the beautiful vineyards below? Well! Most of us have and longed to do so as well in real life. So, pack your bags it’s time to turn the reel life into real one by visiting this wonderful place that offers such a thrilling experience.  Besides, there are a variety of shops, restaurants, a children’s playground, and a zoo as well. This is a perfect place to visit for a full day family trip with your loved ones. So, in case you book your family trip make sure to check your Almaty tour package whether they offer the trip to these places or not.

5. De-Stress at Arasan Baths


Well! Most of us have read about the soviet society in our history classes, isn’t it! One thing that you probably have no idea about is their love for spa and wellness places. The renowned Arasan Baths located near Panfilov Park are the results of exactly that. So, if you want to make your holidays a relaxing and rejuvenating one book your Almaty holiday packages right now and experience the wellness at this place.

6. Take a Ski Lift at Shymbulak Resort