Air tickets booked, hotels booked, and the biggest task is still awaiting - Packing Your Bags! The most tedious task, wherein you have to make a choice - what to carry and what to not. 

We are here to share some packing hacks with you, which will help you to fill in your bags with all the important stuff, keeping your essentials smartly. 

1. Use of Empty tubes and bottles:
Instead of carrying out huge bottles of your daily products, use small-sized bottles and tubes.  Now here is where the search begins. Find out the small-sized empty bottles and tubes at your place which were of no use and wash them well. Fill them with your body lotion, moisturizer, shampoo, sanitizer, etc. The bottles will fit well in your luggage, covering less space.

2. Use of Ziploc Bags:
If you are worried about your electronic gadgets like a phone charger, adapter, earphones, etc. being distorted, then use of Ziploc bags would a great choice. You can carry your house keys, car keys in it, preventing them from being lost under your pile of clothes.     The bags can also be used to save your liquid essentials until you reach your destination.  

3. Roll instead of folding:
Now when it comes to clothes, we are in a dilemma. No matter how many times we have undergone this packing thing, but every time the challenge seems bigger and tougher. So, the tip here is to roll your clothes instead of folding them. This act of rolling your clothes airtight would create extra space in your travel bag. Also, all the clothes would be visible all at once and it would be easy for you to pick the one. 

4. Make Shoes your storage space:
You can carefully carry your breakable stuff by putting them inside your shoes. Also, remember to take a shower cap or plastic bag with you. Once, you wear your shoes, it would be easy for you to pack them in a shower cap preventing your clothes from being dirty.

5. Tea Bags:
Usually, the used shoes and socks smell bad due to the foot odor and because of this, the whole luggage can stink. To avoid this, carry used tea bags and put them near the toe. This helps to keep your shoes and socks smell fresh while you are way back to your home. 

6. Tic-Tac containers:
Now, this once's, especially for ladies. Tired out losing your bobby pins each time you travel?  Don’t worry we have the best thing to share with you. Tic-tac containers are the best storage for minute things while you are traveling away from home. You can put earbuds, bobby pins, etc. in it which are exactly of the same size as that of the container and all your things would be safe!

So, next time you plan a trip, don’t forget to follow the above tips!

Happy Reading!

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