Grand Diwali Travel Fest - The Ideal Way to Travel this Festive Season

Grand Diwali Travel Fest - The Ideal Way to Travel this Festive Season

Diwali has always been one of the most-awaited Indian festivals for families to get together and spend some quality time with loved ones. But in the past few years, a growing number of people have been planning Diwali vacation trips and prefer spending time at a destination away from home. Diwali is no longer just a holiday, it’s a vacation and considered to be the best time to travel.

Why Diwali Travel is in?

Traditionally, Diwali was considered as the festival to travel back home and spend time together with loved ones. Festival of Lights is traditionally a perfect time to spend with family and friends. Today Indians are traveling away from home for festivals, especially during Diwali.

With every passing year, this generation of Indians is getting more inclined towards traveling and are constantly looking for an opportunity to explore a new destination. Festive holidays and long weekends serve as an opportunity to travel more and spend quality time with loved ones.

  • According to a survey done in 2018, the travelers traveling to international destinations during festival season is increased by 18% compared to the previous year, the findings are based on the bookings done.
  • There was also a drastic increase in domestic travel bookings with 22% more travelers traveling during Diwali.
  • There has also been an increase in the luxury bookings, with 4% travelers upgrading their stay from mid-range to 4 to 5-star hotels.

Are you planning to Travel this Festive Season?

Then Light up your Diwali with Grand Diwali Travel Fest by Paul Merchants at one of the most wonderful and happening festive destinations! Form Domestic to International, all destinations are hand-picked by the team of experts who are committed to offering the most comfortable itinerary at incredible prices. The best part of choosing a travel package with us is that you won’t have to worry about all the planning details; just pack your bag, get set and go.

Our range of International Diwali Destinations cover:

1. Bali


Bali is a diverse and contrast destination like no other in the world. The extensive Island with its natural and untouched beauty has a list of unending tranquil beaches, vivid rice fields along with lush rainforest.

If you are planning a Bali trip, Diwali is the ideal time to do it.  The island of Bali is the only part of Indonesia where Hinduism is commonly practiced. There are several ancient temples built in the traditional Balinese style. Light is a big part of the celebrations with floating lanterns and fireworks lighting up the sky. Balinese Hindus turn the island into a celebration for five days. 

While here you can also expect numerous water-based adventure, stunning temples, trekking, yoga, meditation, and scrumptious exotic cuisine. Bali trip feels like a never-ending adventure as there is an activity to suit every soul. It is a perfect family getaway as it has something to offer every kind of traveler.

The small island of Bali offers plenty of points of interest and incredible things to do. With our unique Bali packages, you can plan a more comfortable Bali trip for your loved ones.

2. Singapore


Singapore, the city is popular for its vibrancy and multicultural vibe. The inclusivity of Singapore is what makes it truly special for its visitors. Apart from being the top economy in Asia, Singapore is a shopping paradise with a surreal skyline and a blooming food culture.

The festive season here is celebrated widely in Singapore’s Little India district. The streets are adorned with festive theme lights a month advance. To avoid noise pollution and ensure safety only sparklers are allowed and sold. Little India is lit up with people sampling street food and visiting the local temples in a cheerful spirit. Various cultural programs are organized during the week. Campbell Lane is transformed into Deepavali bazaar, with stalls selling sweets, intricate jewelry, costumes, and craft. If you are visiting Singapore during Diwali, be sure to catch the spectacular festive themes in lights and colorful street style.

With numerous shopping options, you can shop till your bags are full in China Town and the streets of Katong or the various malls lined up at Orchard Road. Its various manmade gardens area must visit along with other incredible tourist spots that are just ideal for taking photographs!

3. Malaysia


Malaysia is partly located on the Malay Peninsula and part on the island of Borneo, separated by the South China Sea. It is an amalgamation of varied cultural influences like Malay, Chinese, European and Indians all living together in harmony. It has a contrast with bustling modern cities, skyscrapers, and relaxing islands on the peninsula, as well as jungles filled with exotic wild animals like the orangutan, remote tribes and diving options.

Malaysia is an amazing choice for your Diwali vacation if you are eager to visit a destination that is multicultural and diverse with an extensive history. Diwali in Malaysia is known as Hari Diwali and is celebrated all over the county. The festival commences with the ritual of bathing in oil before dawn, following with prayers and temple visits. Though fireworks are banned in Malaysia, the stunning brilliantly lit-up streets and houses make up for the absence of fireworks.

Make sure to visit the Borneo’s rainforests as they are one of the oldest on earth. The country is full of numerous natural and man-made attractions which offer great insight to its visitors.

4. Mauritius


Incredible Mauritius is filled with the stories of the colonial struggles interspersed with an exchange of cultures resulting in an amalgam society with a glowing display of diverse elements as intense as its historical landscape. It is the perfect destination for you if you are a history buff and love to know about different cultures.

Diwali in Mauritius is celebrated on a large scale by the Hindu community which is over 50 percent of the total population of the island. The festival marks the victory of Rama over Ravana, also commemorating the victory of Krishna over the demon Narakasura. You can spot earthen lamps outside homes with colorful rangolis drawn to celebrate the spirit of Diwali.

The Mauritian topography is as remarkable with sapphire waters, the ashen beaches and a Creole cuisine and culture with flavors taken from various cultures like Indian, Chinese, African and Europeans. Mauritius tour offers something for everyone.

5. Dubai


Dubai is known for being the best in everything. With a crazy structuring and building of the skyline, the city continues to grow to capture the imagination of the world. It’s tapering spires grazing the skies, sparkling malls, islands built-in imaginative shapes of the world, underwater hotels or penguins born in the desert. Dubai is a remarkably extravagant and imaginative place where everything has been made possible.

Enjoy a memorable Diwali in Dubai and make the best of the many shopping promotions, family entertainment and exciting activities that take place across the city during the festive season. Dubai knows exactly how to turn every occasion into a magnificent one.  With stunning fireworks displays to celebrate the festival of lights at Al Seef by the Creek, The Pointe at Palm Jumeirah, and Festival Bay at Dubai Festival City the city turns into a grand show. If you’re looking for special gifts for your family and friends, make sure to explore the pop-up Diwali markets at The Pointe in Palm Jumeirah and Al Seef by the historic Dubai Creek.

This Diwali takes your loved ones to this fancy extravagant place for memories of a lifetime with our Diwali Travel offers. The city is bound to charm you with its glamour. It has something to offer all age groups. From its shopping malls to kid’s adventure parks, the city will surprise you with its enormous choices.

6. Thailand


If you are looking for a relaxed holiday with your loved ones, head straight to Thailand. The hospitality adds to the charm of its tropical beaches. The local delicacies and fresh seafood are a must-try when visiting Thailand. From its refreshing Thai massage to shopping at a night market and experiencing its breath-taking nightlife with some innovative drinks and live music, Bangkok has endless offerings for its visitors.

Diwali in Thailand is known as Loi Krathong, meaning ‘to float a basket’. A sensational display of fireworks take place across the country with hot air balloons which are made of rice paper are released in the sky and lamps made of banana leaves and candles can be seen floating in all water bodies. Thailand organizes several programs, like boat parades and cultural to add an element of entertainment to the festivity.

Thailand is a heaven for adventure enthusiasts, whether it is kayaking or diving in the emerald waters, there are numerous options for you. You can expect a captivating vacation without that too in your budget.

In case you are looking to travel in India, here are some amazing Domestic Diwali Destinations where you can travel and make your Diwali a memorable one:

1. Darjeeling with Gangtok


If you tempted by the thought of alluring snow-covered peaks and misty mornings then Darjeeling is the place to be in. It is set high amongst the clouds and known for a beautiful fusion of colonial charm and natural landscape. It is an appropriate destination to travel with your family if you are looking for a peaceful and serene getaway this Diwali. Located on a steep mountain ridge and nestled among emerald green tea gardens, Darjeeling offers the best views of the Himalayas. You can visit Buddhist monasteries for some peace of mind. It offers several options for adventure.

Diwali is known as Tiharin Darjeeling, on each day an animal is honored by putting a garland and tika. The horns of the cows are painted in bright colors. On the day of Diwali, diyas are lit up and all the houses are decorated with colorful lights. The Queen of hills sparkles and firecrackers lit up the entire town. The locals offer prayers to the Goddess of wealth, Laxmi. The day before Diwali, young girls go around the town in colorful clothes to bless, singing songs like carols in a cheerful spirit.

2. Goa


A fun-filled holiday in Goa with your family is the best way to strengthen bonds and rejuvenate the love. Goa is much more than being just the party capital of India.

Diwali in Goa is a big religious occasion. It is celebrated for 5 days, with the Naraka Chaturdashi day being the most important. Here, Diwali is celebrated by offering prayers to Lord Krishna, who defeated the demon Narkasur. During Diwali, you will spot large figures of this demon parading the streets filled with fireworks to signify light triumphing over darkness. The night of Diwali is bejeweled with millions of flickering candles with an explosion of fireworks and firecrackers.

Apart from this, the city has numerous tourist places to visit along with its beaches in case you just want to relax and unwind.

3. Kerala


Commonly known as “god’s own country”.  Kerala is one of the amazing destinations in the country. From the most scenic locations to enchanting tea gardens and delicious food, Kerala has it all. It is perfect for a family getaway if you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing vacation, what could be a better place to have a good time with your family members than Kerala?

Diwali is the perfect time to visit Kerala, its lovely weather and beautiful sceneries are sure to put you and your family in your best mood to celebrate quality time together. Kerala observes Diwali on the day that precedes the new moon during the month of Thulam in the Malayalam calendar. It is celebrated with enthusiasm and cheerfulness. The festival is celebrated with a ritualistic oil bath, followed by lighting lamps lit at sundown with bursting crackers and a sumptuous meal.

4. Rajasthan


Rajasthan with its numerous heritage forts and palaces along with colorful markets and delightful food will surely charm you and your loved ones, leaving you with fond memories.

Celebrate the festive spirit this Diwali with a tour to the royal state of Rajasthan. Witness outstanding cities decorated in lights and celebrate the lively spirit with your friends and family. A fun-filled vacation with your family is the best time to strengthen your bonds and revive the love between dear ones. And, the colorful and vibrant Rajasthan is the best place to have a good time with your family members during this Diwali.

Udaipur celebrates Diwali in a royal way. The city is filled with light on every street and every home. People in Udaipur decorate their homes with candles, earthen clay lamps, and electric lamps. The city is lit up with lights. Firecrackers covering the sky can be witnessed all night for two whole days.

5. Andaman


The festive time of Diwali in Andaman Island is celebrated with full enthusiasm. Diwali in Andaman is celebrated with lights, sweets, pujas, fireworks, new dresses, etc. Millions of lamps are lit up adorning the Andaman city as a symbol of prosperity, happiness, peacefulness, and knowledge, etc. you can walk down the streets of Port Blair to experience the joy of Diwali being celebrated in these small islands.

The best part of Andaman is that whatever ethnicity you come from and whatever religion you follow, every festival is celebrated by everyone with full enthusiasm in the islands here.

It is the best time to visit the exotic islands of Andaman as the weather during October and November is extremely pleasant. It is the best holiday destination to relax and rejuvenate with your loved ones and enjoy the enchanting beauty of clear waters.

Diwali is considered to be a time to bond with family and friends. Though the tradition of spending the festival with family and friends continues, instead of celebrating the festival at home, family and friends prefer to gather at a destination away from home and enjoy the festival along with a great vacation.

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