11 Best Places to Visit in Almaty

11 Best Places to Visit in Almaty

Almaty is one of the ancient cities of Central Asia and is a set in the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains. It serves as the country’s capital until 1997. It is home to various famous and best places such as the Almaty Zoo with unique species, Pretty Town by the Caspian, and a lot more. If you making your plan to visit Almaty, ensure to add these top places to visit in Almaty as they are the attractions of the Almaty City which make your trip a worthy one!

  1. Almaty Zoo

Nearly 75 years old zoological park is located on the eastern side of the city. People love to visit this zoo because of the unique wildlife animals such as Persian leopards, wildlife ram, wolf, elephants, beaver, and many more animals attracting people each year.

  1. Medeu

Job fill pockets, adventure fill your soul. This is a holy place for individuals who love snowboarding and ice-skating. The Medeu is an outdoor skating that is located at an altitude of about 1691.2 meters above the sea level. Furthermore, there are many world records made in the ice skating rink by the popular sportsmen. Being the highest skating rink in the world, it is surely a pride of Kazakhs. So, if you are an adventurous freak, assure us to try out this sport. To experience this sport at an affordable budget, Google out the best Almaty Tour Packages, you will get the best ones for sure.  

  1. Almaty Tower

Skating tower is an ice rank used for ice skating, roller rink, a surface used for roller skating. The Almaty tower is one of the tallest free-standing steel structure in the world, unlike the TV towers in the world. It is built in the slopes of the Koke Tobe mountain range and touches the sky at a height of 371.5 m. Though it is opened in public one can visit the architecture marvel for its designs.

  1. Ile - Alatau National Park