Best scenic Places to visit in Darjeeling

Best scenic Places to visit in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a delight to travel, its quaint charm with myriad places to see and activities to indulge in, will leave you yearning for more. You will feel a sense of freshness and calm while walking around. Below is a list of the best places you can visit in Darjeeling:

  • The Japanese Peace Pagoda
  • Batasia Loop
  • Tinchuley village
  • Mahakal Temple
  • Buddhist Monasteries
  • Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park
  • Chowrasta Mall

Escape in calmness at the Japanese Peace Pagoda

The Peace Pagoda in the Jalapahar hill, built in traditional Japanese style is a symbol of peace and tranquillity. It is based on the four avatars of Buddha including Maitreya Buddha symbolizing peace. The chants by the Buddhist monks are bound to embrace you in spirituality. Do not miss out on the top of the Peace Pogada which would amaze you with the stunning aerial view of the hills. For an everlasting experience make sure to include a visit to Peace Pagoda in your Darjeeling tour package.

Experience 360-degree view at Batasia Loop

The Batasia Loop is a point where the railway track spirals around. You can enjoy the spectacular sight when the toy train makes a loop around the spiral track. It is beautifully decorated with seasonal as well as perennial flowers. In the center, you will find a war memorial to commemorate the Gorkha soldiers who sacrificed their lives in various wars. Do make sure to visit on your way back, to the local crafts market nearby.

Wander through the quaint Hamlet: Tinchuley Village

This is one of the top tourist places near Darjeeling. It is about 32 km from the city and is named after three prominent hilltops surrounding the place. Standing tall at an altitude of 5800ft, you can take a stroll by the village trail while bird watching, and it will give you a view of orange orchards and tea gardens. Do not miss out to buy the locally manufactured orange marmalade, juices, and pickles.

Pay Homage to Lord Shiva at Mahakal Temple

The Mahakal temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, located at the observatory hill, is a very popular tourist destination owing to its religious as well as historical value. Before the Gorkha invasion, Darjeeling monastery used to be in the same place but was destroyed later and rebuilt as Bhutia Busti monastery 1.5 Km from here. The temple consists of three Shiva Lingas standing for Brahma, Bishnu, and Maheshwar. You will be amazed to find the Hindu priests as well as Buddhist monks chanting prayers harmoniously in the same place.

Buddhist Monasteries for your spiritual self

Buddhist monasteries are a must in places to visit in Darjeeling due to the popularity of Buddhism in this region. After Hinduism, Buddhism is the predominant religion in the district. Darjeeling is home to several monasteries due to the Tibetan influence they are built in traditional Tibetan style. You can opt to sit and spend time listening to the monks while they chant prayers. Do take a visit to the most popular monasteries like Bhutia Busti Monastery, Old Ghum Monastery, Dali Monastery.

Get up close and personal with the wild at Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

The zoological park was set up in 1958 and was named after the former governor of West Bengal, Padmaja Naidu. It is dedicated to conserving the endangered species in the hills. The zoo is built on the hilly landscape to give the animals their natural living conditions. You might encounter the red pandas, Tibetan wolves, Himalayan black bears, the Siberian tiger the beautiful clouded leopard and many more.


Take a stroll at Darjeeling’s heartbeat: Chowrasta Mall

The Chowrasta Mall also known as Darjeeling Mall is highly visited by travelers, its name comes from the four lanes that meet up at the Mall. It is home to some of the oldest stores in the town. It is an apt place for you to relax in the sun after the tiring uphill walk. Children and the elderly can indulge in a horse ride. It is also known as Bhanubhakt Sarani named after national Nepali poet whose statue stands tall at the beginning of the road.

Darjeeling is blessed with rich cultural history and natural resources which attracts travelers from all over the world and to help you in exploring this beautiful town we have compiled a list of “best places to visit” in Darjeeling. Ranking among the best travel companies, we at PML Holidays create a perfect travel plan so that you can enjoy an enthralling experience during your stay at Darjeeling.

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