Best International Destinations to Visit Month Wise - 2022 Updated!

Best International Destinations to Visit Month Wise - 2022 Updated!

Have you ever been stuck in a place because of the weather or things to do? The monthly travel planner of PML Holidays will help you to decide the best places to visit with unique experiences depending on weather, festivals and season. This list acts as a travel guide that answers your travel-related queries and acts as a piece of vacation inspiration as well. You can choose as per your preference and select the appropriate destination from our list of places month-wise. 

  1. January - Norway, Austria, and Thailand 
  2. February - Paris, and the Virgin Islands
  3. March - Rio de Janeiro, Italy and Cairo   
  4. April - Washington D.C., New Zealand    
  5. May - Budapest, Petersburg, and Portugal   
  6. June - Sweden, and Peru    
  7. July - Canada, and Kenya    
  8. August - Spain, and London
  9. September - Zimbabwe, and Japan
  10. October - Munich, and Antalya
  11. November - Miami, and Prague
  12. December - New York City, Las Vegas and Dubai   



1. January

Where to go: Norway for Northern lights, Austria for skiing and Thailand for beach hopping

- Norway: A few experiences on this planet are a must to experience at least once in your lifetime for an everlasting memory, catching a glimpse of northern lights is one of those experiences. January is one of the best months to watch the northern lights in Norway.  You should head to northern Norway and Tromsø is firmly in the middle of the aurora zone. It is peak Northern Lights viewing region and plenty of tours organized for visitors interested in catching a glimpse of the northern lights.

- Austria: basking in the glory of natural beauty, Austria is an extremely popular destination in the freezing winters for its landscapes. Skiing in the Alps is extremely popular in January. Austria's ski atmosphere displays an old-world charm, with trails linking quaint Alpine villages surrounded by enormous snow-covered peaks. You can ski all day without ever repeating a run, even if you are a beginner, as the Austrian terrain ranges from a few steepest runs to gentle slopes and trails perfect for learners as well as adventure enthusiasts.

- Thailand: January is the month with the best weather in Thailand. This is an ideal time for water sports and other beach activities since the weather is pleasant and windy. It is a dreamy beach paradise that has managed to retain its cultural heritage. The locals are the most hospitable people you will meet during your travel. Thailand is a wonderful option to travel in January if you are a beach lover or diving enthusiast. 



2. February 

Where to go: Paris, the city of love and the Virgin Islands for its sandy clear beaches 
- Paris: Paris is an ideal place to visit in January, being the city of love, Paris will be beaming for Valentine’s Day. It’s a dream destination for travelers, especially the ones in love. The mesmerizing Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Élysées, the regal Notre Dame cathedral, cafes make the city of love one of the most popular tourist destination in the world.

- Virgin Islands: the Virgin Islands is a gem of the Caribbean. It’s a beautiful and charming place to visit. February is the best time to visit as the weather is pleasant at this time of the year. The white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water at the banks, flawless gardens, lush green mountains, exotic flora and fauna, and relaxed lifestyle make the British Virgin Islands one of the ideal destinations of the Caribbean.  


3. March

Where to go: Carnival at Rio de Janeiro, Italy for its heritage and Cairo for its stunning white desert

- Rio de Janeiro: The carnival at Rio de Janeiro is the biggest festival in the world and also known to be “the greatest show on Earth.” The event yearly attracts approximately millions of visitors every year. Previously the Carnival used to be a religious celebration. The Brazil festival takes place in the month of March, over the 5 days preceding the Catholic season of Lent. So, if you should be anywhere in the month of March it has to be Rio de Janeiro to witness the grand spectacle. 

- Italy: The month of March offers pleasant weather in Italy with a lesser crowd. With ideal weather for sightseeing and outdoor activities, travelers have the best time visiting Italy in March. Italy is the place where the Renaissance started and gave the world the gem of Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Marco Polo, and Christopher Columbus. The best part of visiting Italy is the delicious food that you get to eat here.

- Cairo: Cairo the capital of Egypt is popular for being a stunning white desert. It has retained its rich history and culture which are loved by history buffs. From the magnificent pyramids of Giza to the endless Nile, Cairo is one of the most popular cities. You will be awe-struck by the magnificent architecture and fascinating sights. Make sure to take a stroll in the local streets and explore the city, which is an abode to the best landmarks in the entire country. The month of March offers a comfortable season of light breeze and mild temperatures.



4. April

Where to go: New Zealand for its wine and National cherry blossom festival at Washington D.C.

- New Zealand: The month of April is the perfect time to visit the wine-growing regions in New Zealand. New Zealand is blessed with its beautiful landscapes and peaceful locales, beautiful coastlines that you can drive along. The country is extremely popular for its adventure sports activities as well as its art galleries and other heritage attractions. This is also a great time for hiking, as you can witness the changed color of the leaves as you climb.

- Washington D.C.: Washington D.C. is a popular tourist destination as hundreds of thousands of tourists travel to the city in April to see the world-famous National Cherry Blossom Festival, which celebrates the blooming of the cherry trees. It is a tradition that showcases the beautiful gift of 3,000 cherry trees. The arrival of the cherry blossoms is a symbol of the new season and a new lease of life. It’s a one-of-a-kind festival and a must-witness. 



5. May 

Where to go: Thermal Bath at Budapest, “Little Norway festival” at Petersburg and Portugal for its diverse landscape

- Budapest: Budapest is the capital city of Hungary with a plethora of diverse tourist attractions, from museums, galleries, churches to ruin pubs, thermal baths, and spas. Budapest has a rich culture and history which makes a curious history lover know more. Parks, intriguing museums, churches, islands and thermal baths, Budapest has it all to make it your perfect holiday destination. With pleasant weather which is not freezing and also not crowded, it makes May perfect to visit Budapest.  

Petersburg, Alaska: Every year in the month of May, the town of Petersburg celebrates the “little Norway festival”. The festival is held on the third weekend of the month to coincide with May 17, when Norway’s Constitution was signed in 1814. The locals during this festival dress up as Vikings, Valkyries, and in contemporary and colorful traditional Norwegian attire. Several events like dancing drama, arts and crafts, parade, and traditional entertainment are organized. It is a must to experience the festival.  

- Portugal: Portugal is known for its rich culture, eccentric cities, and exquisite countryside. It is among the best value destinations in Europe. The landscape is diverse from green mountains in the North to rocky cliffs and waterfalls in the Centre to the desert-like landscape in Alentejo and laidback beaches in Algarve. It was recently named as the "Best Golf Destination" with fourteen of Portugal's golf courses being among the top 100 in Europe. Several music festivals are organized at the same time, making it the best option to travel. South and Central Portugal are the best travel options during this time.



 6. June 

Where to go: “travelers’ paradise”, Sweden, and Amazon rainforests at Peru

- Sweden: With its rich history and varied landscapes, Sweden is a traveler’s paradise. The air and water are crystal clear, and there are thousands of acres of untouched forests and majestic lakes to explore. Sweden has an amazing history, from notorious Viking invaders to Royal dynasties and imperial intrigue. Sweden has varied tourist attractions, from magnificent palaces and ancient towns to vast Arctic landscapes. The month of June is a good time to visit the outdoor cafes in Stockholm and opt for outdoor activities.

- Peru: Peru, primarily known for the Lush Amazon rainforests as well as the ancient city of Machu Pichu. The month of June is the best time to visit Peru with several trekking opportunities in the pleasant weather for adrenaline junkies or those who wish to indulge in the beauty of nature. Peru is also popular for its variety of festivals that are celebrated with a lot of joy and last for days. Peru is culturally diverse, just like its landscapes.



7. July

Where to go: Niagra Falls in Canada and Wildlife at Kenya

- Canada: The month of July is the appropriate month to dive into the beauty of Niagra. Whether you are a daredevil or a nature lover, Canada has something to offer everyone. It is blessed with all of its natural attractions, making it an adventurer’s paradise. It is the ideal place for fishing, rock climbing, canoeing, kayaking, etc. Niagra Falls is definitely in the bucket list of every traveler. These mesmerizing waterfalls will surely charm you with an experience of a lifetime. The month of July is ones of the best months to witness the waterfall.

- Kenya: No other place in the world offers an adventure like Kenya. The country is blessed with abundant wildlife and has varied things to do for its visitors. It is the best time to visit Kenya if your wish is to see Wildebeest migration to Masai Mara.  Maasai Mara is a well-known National Reserve in Kenya. You can easily spot the lion, the elephant, the rhino and the buffalo here. The area here is apt for nature and wildlife lovers due to its rich flora and fauna. It is during this period that wildlife viewing is at the peak, as it is the best time to see distinct wildlife.



7. August

Where to go: Spain for its heritage and “Notting Hill Carnival” in London

- Spain: Spain is one of the most exotic countries pertaining to its amazing beaches and super fun nightlife. Spain is also very popular for its snowy mountains and deserts. The month of August with its pleasant weather offers immense opportunities for sightseeing. Spain has a rich heritage and ranks third in UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world. It is famous for the numerous festivals that take place throughout the year. Spain is also architecturally magnificent with Islamic, Catholic, and Renaissance architectural designs.

- London: August makes it for the best time to visit the city of London. The Notting Hill carnival is one of the biggest street festivals of Europe, with performers dressed in multi-hued costumes, samba dancing, calypso music and other forms of live music. This two-day vibrant and lively festival of the Caribbean community attracts people from across the globe. Do not miss out on the excellent performances and get to the World Music Stage at Powis Square to watch some excellent soca performances. You can also indulge in Caribbean street food from several stalls along the streets. 



8. September

Where to go:  Zimbabwe for the adrenal rush and Japan for its skyscrapers

- Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe is known to be every adrenaline junkie's dreamland with a plethora of choices that this country has to offer. Zimbabwe displays its rare blend of music, art, and dance. Be prepared to be mesmerized by its beautiful landscapes, fascinating art, and exotic wildlife. Zimbabwe owns one of the seven wonders of the world, Victoria Falls which is on the bucket list of every adventure seeker. 

- Japan: Japan, located in Eastern Asia, is well known for its bustling cities, imperial palaces, national parks and lots of beautifully created temples. Tokyo, the capital of the country, is a popular tourist destination that is home to numerous skyscrapers. Japan has lots to offer, from adventure sports to relaxing at the beach and exploring the natural beauty of Japanese architecture. The month of September is a beautiful time to be in Japan. With the fall season, leaves all around are turning golden and brown.



9. October

Where to go: Oktoberfest at Munich and the old town of Antalya

- Munich: With the static Alps in the backdrop and the turbulent Isar passing through, Munich is one of Germany's most visited cities. A modern metropolis flanked by technology and innovation, as well as a traditional city with a Nazi past, Bavarian heritage, Oktober Fest and dirndl-clad waitresses, on the other hand. The Oktober Fest, every year during the month of October, is the largest beer festival in the world. At this time Germans and beer fanatics from all around the world gather every year to celebrate Bavarian traditions with millions of liters of Munich-brewed beer and palatable Bavarian cuisine.

- Antalya: Antalya is one of the oldest cities in Turkey. It is a heaven to those who love watching clear sunsets as well as beautiful beaches. The intricate old town is full of centuries-old historic sites, where dozens of grand ruins await. It is a favorite amongst beach lovers as well as history buffs. Antalya is very popular for its rafting and hiking tours as well. The month of October is favorable for sightseeing and other activities.


 11. November

Where to go: “Party capital of the world” Miami and “the architectural wonder” Prague

- Miami: Miami offers multiple options for every traveler, from the nightlife of South Beach to the bustle of Calle Ocho and the highly energetic Little Havana. Its beaches, hideaways of Coral Gables, endless shopping opportunities, the lures of deep-sea fishing and golf and tennis, Miami offers all of these options among the never-ending list. The city is extremely popular among foodies with a variety of cuisines and numerous food joints all around.

- Prague: Nestled in a romantic setting of Riverside and charming bridges, Prague is ones of the most well-preserved cities in Europe. The city is brimming with architectural wonders. With art flowing all around the city, the aroma of delicious food and drinks floating off the cafes, the strings of classical music vibrating through the air, Prague is bound to charm you with its beauty. Prague is blessed with snow in the winters, making November an ideal time to visit the stunning city. 


12. December

Where to go: New York City for the festive season, Las Vegas for its dazzling streets and Dubai for glamour

- New York City: December in New York City is a no-brainer. It is known for its extravagant nightlife - full of music, fashion, and life. The city during this time is a cinematically festive vision, from ice-skating under the Rockefeller Center tree to theatrical window displays. The houses are extravagantly decorated for the festive season, with an official bus tour of the most outrageous blocks. With the endless options of tourist attractions, the city has something to do for every visitor. 

- Las Vegas: The city is the ultimate party destination in the world. The city's bright skyline, the world-famous casino, and nightclubs along with the supremely extravagant atmosphere of the Las Vegas Strip make a visit to Las Vegas like no other.  The month of December is the festive season with Christmas and New Year around the corner, the city dazzles like a diamond. Las Vegas does have a lot more to offer than you can think of. 

- Dubai: The city of Dubai is popular for its glittering infrastructure amidst widespread sand dunes, along a sandy coastline. The city glimmers in December with its high-rise buildings, mesmerizing fireworks, parties, clubbing and the overall glamour that makes it sizzle with enthusiasm. The city boasts of its shimmering skyscrapers, fancy hotels, shopping malls, and restaurants. Dubai offers several adventure activities like Desert Safari, Sky-diving, Reef and wreck diving, climbing and hiking, kite surfing, desert camping, etc. 

Our list of best places to visit in the world for each month of the year will help you to plan your holiday well in advance knowing the weather and other activities you plan to indulge in. PML holidays have the best travel website which is convenient and helps you to plan your holiday at ease. So, instead of surfing different websites you will find information related to all your travel needs here. 

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